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Electric Heating Elements (EHE) pose a risk of burn, fire and electrical shock that can result in injury to personnel, damage to plant, stock and machinery. Strict attention must always be exercised in EHE selection, installation, proximity environment and use. The purchaser / consumer are responsible for determining EHE selection to application suitability.

EHE and Units must be installed by qualified personnel, wired in accordance with AS 3000 SAA wiring regulations. Most EHE require a separate mechanical earth fitted to the equipment, die or machinery as these heaters may not incorporate earth wire or fixing due to their construction.

Temperature regulating and temperature high limit controls are recommended for all applications to control the heating process and safeguard the EHE from excessive temperature damage.

Contaminants ingress will initiate EHE failure and pose a major electrical hazard. Ensure the application environment and EHE termination area is untainted and moisture free.

The following recommendations apply to all Helios EHE and assembled units:

1. Always disconnect the electrical power source prior to installing servicing or replacing EHE and/or assembled units.
2. All EHE and Assemblies should be used with the appropriate temperature sensor control device.
3. Do not use temperature regulating thermostats as a high-limit protection device.
4. Electrical termination enclosure should be selected to match the applications environment and able to withstand the worst case scenario.
5. Avoid fire hazards. EHE can produce an auto-ignition situation. Avoid mounting EHE in atmospheres contain combustible gases, vapor or dust. Use only approved designed EHE in hazardous locations.
6. Avoid personnel and combustible material contact with the EHE. Consider placement and guarding of heaters.
7. EHE watt density should not exceed the recommended limit for the product being heated.
8. EHE clamp-on applications, clamps should be checked and rechecked after initial running.
9. Ensure all clamp-on and contact surface elements applications have a clean surface for efficient thermal conductance.
10. Fuse and circuit breaker amp rating settings to match the individual EHE that they protect.



   The Lightning Bolt Warning Symbol require an earth leakage circuit breaker be incorporated in the installation as these heaters can be a safety hazard due to their construction materials.

   The Earth Warning Symbol requires a mechanical earth be fitted to the equipment, die or machinery being heated as these heaters do not incorporate an earth fixing due to their size or construction.

   The Fire Warning Symbol alerts you to the possible fire hazard which could affect you and your equipment.
Note: Auto-ignition is the minimum temperature required for a flammable product to ignite. Be aware of these temperatures related to your product and processors.

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