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Insul~Vest Australia has appointed Helios to distribute their range of insulating products to the plastic and rubber industry. 

Insul~Vest Australia offer a whole range of insulating products that are designed to make your work place and machinery both safer and more efficient.

Independent test results have shown power consumption savings on some machines to be as high as 86% after insulating with Insul~Vest products.

Available in a range of off the shelf products or they will custom make items to suit your specific requirements.

Modular for insulating barrels on injection moulders, blow moulders and extruders.

Also available are custom blankets for exhaust pipe work, heat sealing equipment, manifolds, turbo charges etc.

Insul~Vest Australia can custom make high temperature insulating products for a wide variety of purposes to suit industrial applications and machinery, as well as supply a variety of insulating materials.

The material they use can vary depending on the application required, including a range of teflon coated materials than can Provide non stick surfaces.

Helios will measure and supply all your insulation needs.

Design Criteria

Minimum Maximum
Diameter mm 100 1200
Length mm 50 850
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